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Bangkok Dental Spa By Dr.lily
27 Methawattana Building 2nd
Sukhumvit soi-19,
Bangkok, Thailand
2 min. walk from Asoke BTS station

Hot Line!
Fax. (662) - 651- 0729

Bangkok Office
9.30 am. - 18.30 pm. Mon -Sat
( close on Sunday )

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Dental Implant Thailand, Dental Implants Bangkok in Sukhumvit Road
Clinic Bangkok Thailand

Patient should provide us the following information regarding the details About the treatment plan, how much time and the budget will be for the dental Work. You can give us more information whatever possible details in order to help you in the dental work.

 1. The view of the front smile, the upper/lower teeth showing all The areas
     of the teeth inside.







2. Send the x-ray to us the full mouth panoramic x-ray or the Periapical film.

 3. Treatment plan from your dentist.

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Dental Implant Thailand, Dental Implant Bangkok in Sukhumvit Implants Clinic Bangkok Thailand